11 October 2006

good news & bad news.

good news: in france, there is the PaCS (pacte civil de solidarité), which is the equivalent of a civil union. according to statistics, more people are pacsing than marrying (heteros too), and only 1 in 10 partnerships are dissolved. yesterday a french divorce court ruled that two lesbians with a baby (had by insemination, and carried by one of the mamans) who were un-pacsing themselves must share custody of their child.
go french divorce court!

bad news: in south dakota--which is the hardest state to get an abortion--is passing laws like crazy to challenge a woman's right to access abortion services. they are hoping that it goes to the new (and dis-improved) supreme court. quote: "In 2005, the South Dakota legislature passed five laws restricting abortion, after a bill to ban abortion outright had failed by one vote in 2004. And new laws are virtually assured for the coming year."
oh sandra day, why did you abandon us?

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