29 March 2007

new fingerings.

my fingers have been particularly busy in the last couple of days.


today, i bought byself some rolling tobacky and i am relearning how to roll cigarettes (which i haven't done in about 11 years). so far, so good (in terms of the product, not the fact that i'm still smoking after 14 years...)

yesterday, i learned how to knit from the mistress of domesticity, margaux (who you can find online OR in the pages of a recent curve magazine getting interviewed about her personal femme style).

i'm a little clumsy with it, and folks on the subway look at me like i'm the weirdest thing they've seen all day (which is saying something given the amount of weird folk in the new york city transit system), and despite all my prissy exclamations of motherfucking mmmph no no arrgh, i dig it. i even knitted in class today. it's like a small granny revolt.

this is, so far, the square i am making. it's destiny is to be an exfoliating washcloth for my partner, whose birthday is very soon. i know, it's not the sexiest gift ever (unless he wears only that... which would kind of be more of a present for me) but it's lovingly handmade. and that counts, right?


Clementine Gallot said...

That looks like a joint, honey.

Can I also have a mini-scarf?

une fille charmante said...

oh. my. god. you're a born knitter. it's amazing. that's the best-looking beginner work i've seen *ever*.

sending the tutorial links so you know how to finish....

ponyboy said...

je savais qu'on allait dire ça. et oui je te ferais volontiers une écharpe mais je resterai sur la petite carré(pour des raisons évidentes)... mais dès que je maîtrise la carré... !

ponyboy said...

margaux, you're too nice. (but go on, keep telling me how fabuuulous i am....purr...)

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.